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The importance of regular commercial refrigeration maintenance

Maintaining commercial fridges is essential and can mean the difference between a system failure and an extended lifespan. If you maintain your fridges properly, you can save yourself a potentially large sum of money as there won’t suddenly be a nasty surprise when one of your appliances stops working.

If this isn’t incentive enough, we have rounded up a few more great reasons you need to perform routine maintenance to keep your refrigerators in top condition.

Reducing the risk of failure

Commercial units tend to have many functioning components that all need to be in good working order. If one component stops working, the whole unit will more than likely fail. If a system is not regularly maintained, failed components may become an ongoing issue. Replacing failed parts can be expensive and can also take up valuable time, so prevention is always better than cure.

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Finding and fixing hidden issues

Overheating, dirt build-up and clogged pipes are all hidden issues that will only be picked up during routine maintenance. With the world experiencing so much waste these days, you can stop yourself from adding to it by maintaining your fridges, and regular checks will also save you money and downtime.

Protect from disease

It’s incredibly important to keep all fridges and freezers clean. Whether they are on show like a display freezer or are chest freezers that are hidden from view, they need to be free from bacteria and fungi. Regular maintenance can ensure that fridges like those available at are kept clean and that they do not become a breeding ground for disease.

Minimise downtime

In any commercial establishment, having all equipment functioning optimally is essential. If a fridge or freezer is broken or needs to be repaired and out of commission, it can cause endless issues. There will be less storage space available, and this can cause increased costs if food can no longer be bought in bulk. It could also mean that certain items cannot be stocked, and this could be detrimental to business and affect profits.

Reduce repair costs

Instead of having to get something repaired when broken, regular maintenance ensures that you have plenty of warning when something may be going wrong and can potentially even fix it rather than replace it.v

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