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How to Set- Up Windmills

Windmills in the modern world are called wind turbines. They are used in generating wind power by converting the kinetic energy of the moving wind into mechanical energy and, finally, electric energy, especially when the mechanical energy generated is used in spinning the connected generator.

The application of wind energy is rapidly growing in several parts of the world, especially those regions surrounding the oceans and large water bodies. In some cases, wind power is harnessed from wind farms within which windmills are set up.

Setting up windmills requires careful consideration to ensure that the installation process is done appropriately so that the machines are put in the right configurations for maximum energy generation. There are various steps followed during the installation.

This guide will give you the most appropriate steps and considerations you should maximize for a complete and accurate setup process.

Preparation of the Foundation

As indicated in the IQIP, an installation specialists’ website,, preparing a strong foundation for the windmills is essential. The choice of foundation preparation method depends on the turbine system’s type and size. For instance, depending on the two factors, you may need heavy machinery such as an excavator or crane.

You should leave the already laid foundation for two weeks before fixing the windmills, as this provides enough time for the concrete to set up for maximum strength, a process referred to as curing.

Having the roof of your property strengthened may be necessary, especially if you intend to install a building-mounted system. This procedure makes it easy for the foundation to bear the weight of the turbine. You must also ensure that the foundation has a constant level for proper balancing, and this you can achieve by using a leveling tool such as a spirit level or a laser level.

Digging Trenches

It is through the trenches that you will pass the electric cables. Of course, the cables will be running from the turbine to the inverter and the control system.

Tower and Turbine Erection

You may require a crane to erect the tower and turbine. However, this depends on the size of the turbine. Ensure the turbine is set up in an appropriate direction to capture as much wing as possible.

Performing Electrical Wiring

This process requires the work of an electrician or an electrical engineer. They should connect the DC output of the wind turbines to the inverter and the control unit. From the inverter, you can connect the AC output to the electricity supply of the property and the electric grid. For safety, you should install other electrical components like isolators and the Ofgem-approved generation meter, which you should place immediately after the inverter.

Now Connect the Property to Electricity Grid

Your windmills installer should liaise with the local District Network Operator (DNO) before connecting the wind turbine system to the grid.

Do Final Checks

You or your installer should check the electrical safety and system performance before the installer finally commissions the system. The installer should also give you the relevant documentation, such as the warranties, manuals, and maintenance information.

Final Thoughts

Installation of windmills may seem like a complex process, but following the above simple steps will make you have your wind turbine system installed immediately at a low cost. All you should do is assemble the necessary installation tools and materials and let your expert installer do everything for you.